Our Values

These values emerged out of an inclusive staff consultation to identify the values we want to live by, and how we aspire to realise them.

Committed to climate action

We are committed to working together to make a difference on climate change, both through our funded activities and the sustainability of our operations.


We strive to be leaders in the field of climate finance, take risks where we see opportunities to unlock impact, and constantly explore better ways to do things and build knowledge.


We work in collaboration with all our stakeholders and each other, to understand what is needed, build and implement solutions, and communicate what is happening.


We value the strength in diversity, feel empowered to present a view and speak up when something is wrong, and treat each other with fairness and equity.


We are trusted to serve the best interests of developing countries with the diligence expected by our contributors, and strive for the highest standards of integrity, accountability and transparency.

Here is what our Culture Champions say about GCF Values

  • Seblewongel Negussie talk about what “Trusted” means to us at the GCF

    "I know we all have many experiences where trust is gained and maintained as well as when it is lost. I believe that ‘Trust’ is one of the key attributes that makes life easier, friendships great, and camaraderie thrive. Looking at all the GCF values, I believe being trusted is the most important of the core values. Being trusted in my opinion is the key pillar, which must be actively nurtured and developed within the workplace. Doing so is what is making GCF a strong community."

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