Nutrition Consultant for Employee Wellbeing


Date: Apr 1, 2024

Location: Incheon, South Korea (ICN), KR

Company: Green Climate Fund

The Green Climate Fund (GCF)—a critical element of the historic Paris Agreement—is the world’s largest climate fund mandated to support low-emission, climate-resilient development pathways. As an operating entity of the financial mechanism of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), GCF contributes to the goal of keeping an average global temperature rise well below two degrees Celsius.

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) recognizes the importance of prioritizing personal wellbeing among its employees to enhance overall workplace engagement and productivity. In line with this commitment, GCF is seeking a qualified Nutrition Consultant to provide comprehensive counseling on nutrition and health at its headquarters in Songdo.


The Nutrition Consultant will play a pivotal role in promoting individual wellbeing and fostering a culture of healthy living within GCF. Reporting to the Deputy Head of Human Resources/Organizational Wellbeing Specialist a.i., the consultant will deliver tailored guidance on nutrition, conduct assessments, monitor progress, and support the implementation of the organization's Wellbeing program.

Duties and Responsibilities

•    Conduct regular visits to the GCF office in Songdo to provide onsite counseling on nutrition and health-related matters.
•    Offer personalized guidance on nutrition, including recommendations for healthy eating habits and alternatives to accommodate individual preferences and dietary restrictions.
•     Develop and execute nutrition education programs, creating relevant materials and resources tailored to the needs of GCF employees.

•     Contribute to informative blog posts on nutrition, lifestyle, and health habits through GCF's internal Wellbeing platform.
•     Facilitate training sessions and workshops focusing on diet, nutrition, and the correlation between healthy eating and disease prevention/management.
•    Assist in the initial nutrition assessments of employees, and refer them to appropriate professionals for further evaluation when necessary.
•    Maintain accurate documentation of interactions and track employee visits for record-keeping purposes.
•    Provide periodic reports on emerging trends and data related to employee nutrition and wellbeing.
•     Uphold strict confidentiality regarding all information shared by employees and maintain the highest standards of privacy and professionalism.


Required Experience and Qualifications

•   A minimum of 3 years of postgraduate professional experience or 5 years of relevant work experience (with Bachelor’s degree) 
•    Degree in Nutrition, Dietetics, or related field.
•    Accreditation or certification as a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist preferred.
•    Proven experience in providing nutrition counseling and education in a corporate or organizational setting. •    Demonstrated experience in leading nutrition-related activities
•    Strong understanding of dietary requirements, nutritional principles, and health promotion strategies.
•    Excellent communication skills, with the ability to engage and motivate diverse audiences.
•    Experience writing in blogs and websites is preferred
•    Demonstrated ability to work independently and collaboratively within a team environment.
•    Proficiency in documentation and data management.
•    Adherence to ethical standards and confidentiality.


• Applications from women and national of developing countries are strongly encouraged 
• Please indicate your earliest availability to take up assignment, and notice period required, if employed. 
• Closing date for applications is 15 April 2024, 23:59 Pm (KST).  Applications submitted after the closing date may not be considered